31 Days of Praise

31 Days of Praise…Day 5

I’d love to ask for a little grace on your part, as I didn’t have a chance to post for a couple of weeks due to changing over to a new blog (YAY!!!), buying a car (more YAY!!), and craziness at work the last few weeks.  I didn’t want to rush to catch back up on these days of praise.  I really want to take my time to think through them and Honor the Lord with my words, since He gave me the most amazing gift.

It’s very rare to find moments of peace and quiet when you’re a single mother with three kids because someone is always hitting someone or spilling something or screaming at the top of their lungs.  There are always mountains of dishes and laundry to do.  There are tons of diapers to change and boo-boos to kiss.  I am not one to relish in the chaos (in all honesty, it grates on my nerves in a very special way…not always a good way), and so I have been really trying to make at least a few moments in the craziness to spend with each one of my kids individually.  Even if it’s just to tickle the sillies out of them, or to listen to them talk about school or their “show” they are working on, it seems to help them, at least a little, to feel special in the midst of the zoo that surrounds us.  I’m  not saying that I get it right every day, but I’ve really been making it a point to point out positives more and yell less.  I know it’s making me feel better about myself as a mom, so I really hope it’s making them feel better about me being their mom.  They love me anyway (I’m not sure how much is obligation), but I still want to do better for all of us.

Thank you Father, for allowing me to change my reactions in these every day situations and make it a priority for me to spend a few minutes alone with each of my children.  Thank you for always giving me the grace I need when I mess up and showing me that they need that grace from me, as well.

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