31 Days of Praise

31 Days of Praise…Day 3

Thank you for spending a few moments with me today.  This month, I’m praising God for 31 days for all of the blessings that He’s given me, even though I deserve none of them.

From before I even opened my eyes all the way this morning and heard a little voice calling my name from the other room (Praise Jesus for cribs!), far earlier than I anticipated getting up, until now when I am finally sitting in my bed again, Satan has been hitting me hard with every weapon he has.  You see, he doesn’t like it when we try to do things that get us and others closer to God.  The enemy will fight us tooth and nail to keep us far from our Father.  I couldn’t tell you how many obstacles I had to overcome throughout the day (so many that I seriously lost count), but I never lost my composure, and I am absolutely sure that I had nothing to do with it.  The amount of peace you have when you get out of the way and let God be in control and do His job is unimaginable.  With all the different kids and their schedules, financial issues that comes from being a single mom and work days getting longer and longer, the amount of stess I have in my life is insane.  God gets me through it every day.  It’s only by His mercy that I am even still breathing.

I challenge you.  The next time you have this mountain you are facing, tell God (aloud so Satan can hear you!) that He is in control and you trust Him to provide everything you need to get to the other side.  He will NOT disappoint.  Then get ready to explain to others how you can be so peaceful in the midst of the storms.  They will notice a difference.

Would you share with me what you are thankful for?

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