My One Word 2016…FOCUS

My not-so-best strength is procrastination.  I’m great at coming up with an unlimited number of reasons that I can’t start that project right now or do the dishes or clean the bathroom or put the laundry away.  My house is out of control because of this and it makes me crazy.  So, I’m working on getting things organized a little at a time and cleaning out things we don’t need as I go.  I operate in response mode much of the time because I’m so stressed, I don’t have time to think ahead.

I’m confident that God doesn’t want me living life that way, so I bought a planner and I’ve been praying about my word for 2016 and it seems focus is a fantastic way to describe what I need to do.  But, I’m being urged by the Holy Spirit to flesh it out more than that.

Fun family time is something we lack due to being constantly busy and doing something that needs to be addressed right now.  Planning ahead means including these things in the schedule for the day.

Organization in my home and at work.  I’m a mess when things are all over the place or I can’t find something.  I feel more productive and better about myself when I know where things are and there isn’t a bunch of clutter all over the place.

Challenge myself to do things that are outside of my comfort zone.  Whether it’s sharing the good news, talking to a stranger, finding some where I can volunteer or just writing for 5 minutes every single day.  At the end of 2016, I do NOT want to be in the same place as I am right now.

Using the gifts He gave me and sharing the gospel with the world is my purpose in life.  Not to sit here and barely make ends meet or wonder if I’m messing up my kids, but to put the stress away when we come in the door.

Scripture is the best place to read about our Father and learn what He wants from us and for us. I need a closer relationship with Him in order to survive and thrive in this fallen world.  That means reading the Bible all the way through and reading it every day and adding for guidance on how to apply it.

In the next few weeks and months, I hope to have lots of progress to share.  Will you join me?  Will you share your word for the year

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