Five Minute Friday…Celebrate


Today, I celebrate the fact that I am making forward steps in my goal of being a writer.  Not just someone who captions photos well or says nice things on someone’s facebook page, but a real writer.

I’m not sure where this adventure will end, but I know it’s going to start with Jesus.  It has been a conversation that He and I have been having for a long time.  Longer than I’d like to admit…but He’s pushing.  I’m part of an online Bible Study and the women are fabulous and encouraging and insanely helpful.  Especially when your biggest accomplishment in life is how well you procrastinate (ha!).

I know that God gave me a gift and it would not be honoring Him if I didn’t share it with others.  If I can bring people to know Jesus because of it, then that will be AMAZING!  The Holy Spirit has been bringing the “go and make disciples” verses to my attention so many times in the last couple of years.  Maybe this is my “How”.

Now, I just need an idea on what to write.  My story isn’t done yet.

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